Why Recessed Lighting in Peoria, AZ?

There are always upgrades that you could be making to your home, but did you know one of the simplest and most efficient is an upgrade to LED lighting in Peoria, AZ? That’s right! LED lighting is a smart way to increase your home’s energy efficiency, improve its lighting abilities and create a positive living atmosphere. AZ Recessed Lighting is ready to help you get all of these benefits and more in your home.


LED benefits

When homeowners make the jump to LED recessed ceiling lights in Peoria, AZ, they’re reaping the benefits of this technology on a day to day basis. Each time they flip the switch for their lights, they’re getting a return on their investment in quality lighting. It’s because LED lighting is backed by numerous benefits, including:

  • LED lights are very energy efficient as opposed to incandescent bulbs.
  • There’s a much longer life expectancy from LED bulbs over other lighting types.
  • LED lighting has great color and brightness for a more balanced lighting experience.

Making the choice to invest in recessed LED lighting in Peoria, AZ means paying less for the lighting in your home and being able to take advantage of it longer. It’s a valuable investment that gives back daily.

new lighting in kitchen

Cost savings breakdown

Far and away the biggest reason to switch to LED lighting is the cost-savings that comes from energy efficiency. Take a look at how much money you can save by switching from incandescent lighting to LED bulbs:

  • 35 incandescent lights at 65 watts equals 2275 watts. If each of these lights was on for at least 30 hours a day at .11kwh that would cost about $274 a year and each incandescent light has a lifespan of about 2000 hours.
  • 35 LED lights at 11 watts equals 385 watts. If each light was on for at least 3 hours a day at .11kwh that would cost about $46 per year and each LED light lasts about 40,000 hours.

It’s easy to see at a glance just how much value the average homeowner can benefit from by simply switching over to LED lighting in their home! For more information about the cost-savings and benefits your home will experience from a switch to LED lighting, give us a call today at 623-335-2274.